Kapiti Rocks was created to encourage creativity, community, exploring and to spread happiness by painting rocks to hide around the Kapiti region.

The rocks are then hunted down by keen “Rockstars” who either keep them or re-hide them for others to hunt!

By purchasing a Kapiti Rock starter paint kit. 100% of the profit from this kit goes back into the community painting kit which is used at local Kapiti events to promote the group.

Please visit our Facebook page www.facebook/kapitirocks where you can:

  • Show us your rocks when you’ve painted them
  • Let us know where you’re going to hide them…
  • Show us a rock that you’ve found
  • Say where you’ve re-hidden a rock that you’ve found
  • Anything else rock relatedThere are only three rules to be a Kapiti Rocks “Rockstar”

1. Make sure your rocks don’t have anything stuck to them which could become litter. Glitter, stickers etc. need to be well sealed so that they don’t come off

2. If you are using acrylic poster paint please use a sealer over the paint to ensure it stays on. Otherwise it will just run off when it gets wet and hurt the environment

3. Please make sure you hide your rocks in a place where they won’t get in the way of city council mowers or destroy gardens. We don’t want to cause problems – we just want to spread the joy!